JEPs- Publication Processes

 Manuscript Submission

The publication process begins with the submission of a manuscript to the editorial office of the journal either through the journal submission platform available at OR through emailing the manuscript directly to the Journal editor through email:

Peer Review Policy

JEPs employs a rigorous peer review system. All submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind peer review process before publication.

Acceptance Letter

Authors are issued an Acceptance Letter for manuscripts that have been reviewed and accepted for publication by an editor. 


Prior to publication, galley proof of the article is sent to the corresponding author. Authors are advised to read the proof and correct minor typographical or grammatical errors. Authors should promptly return proofs to the editorial office.


Once proofs are received by the editorial office, the manuscripts are usually included in the next issue of the journal. The article will thereafter be published on the journal’s website.

Publication Notification

After the article is made available on the journal’s website, a publication notice is sent to the corresponding author with links to the issue and the article.

Payment of Publication Fees 

After a manuscript has been peer reviewed and accepted by an editor, authors are guided on how to make payment of the Article Processing Fee as follows:

  1. Postgraduate students and ESSRAK fully affiliated members: Kshs. 9000/- per article
  2. Any other person: Kshs. 12000/- per article

Print on Demand

JEPs provides Print-on-Demand service for authors who require printed copies of their article(s) in a book format. Articles are printed along with other articles in same issue to form a book. Each printed book contains a minimum of ten articles. If there are less than 10 articles in the issue, other articles from previous issues will be added. However, all articles are printed if there are more than ten articles in the issue.

The cost per book is Kshs. 500/- (excluding cost of delivery).

To request a printed book containing the authors’ article, one should contact specific Journal editor on emails provided above.