Judith Njeru
Catherine Wanjau


Educators and policy makers around the world laud the potential of ICT to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the management and administration of education since it can provide quick and critical information that is crucial for decision making. In Kenya, little is known about the preparedness of secondary schools to integrate ICT in management processes. This study thus investigated the readiness of public secondary schools in Nakuru West Sub County to integrate ICTs for institutional management. Descriptive survey research design was employed and the target population was 20 public secondary schools in Nakuru West Sub County, their principals, deputy principals, heads of departments (HoDs), account clerks and secretaries. Systematic sampling technique was used to select 10 schools that participated in the study. To sample the respondents, purposive sampling technique was used to arrive at the following categories: 10 principals; 10 deputy principals; 40 HoDs (four from each school drawn from the departments of languages, mathematics/sciences, humanities and technical subjects); 10 accounts clerks and 10 secretaries. Questionnaires were used to collect data. The instruments validity was established through expert judgment while Cronbach alpha was computed to test their reliability. Data was analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version-22-computer program. The study established that availability of ICT tools namely: computer hardware, management software and Internet connectivity that are critical for supporting management processes was quite low in schools, and the funds allocated for the same were insignificant. As well, the schools’ management and support staff lacked appropriate skills for integrating ICT in management. It thus recommended that the government should allocate more funds to schools for procuring requisite ICTs to support management functions. Also, the current policies on ICT training and capacity building for top management should be reviewed and tailored to equip them with skills for utilization of the ICT tools in all the key school management functions.


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